Clinical Omics Technologies in Precision Management of Cancer (Virtual Course)

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15 July, 2021 - 16 July, 2021

General Information

This clinical omics course aims to introduce the current and future challenges and opportunities of “omics techniques” in development of innovative biomarkers and the barriers for delivery of clinical diagnostics assays. You will learn the use of analytical methodologies and sequencing technologies to investigate genomic variation, and in estimating levels of gene expression profiling. You will also develop an understanding of various approaches in study design and their practicality for setting up analyses in biomarker discovery and development.

The course focuses on providing a source of practical insights for the pathologists, oncologists, trialists and translational scientists who are working to translate discovery/findings across the broad range of “omics” technologies to deliver molecular and precision medicine for patients. The genomic techniques include targeted approaches, RNA-sequencing, whole exome and whole genome sequencing.

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