Centre for Ecology and Evolution Spring Symposium The Ecology and Evolution of Urban Areas

Common red fox in garden
13 June, 2019

Gilbert Scott Lecture Theatre (G36), Parkstead House, Whitelands College, University of Roehampton, London, SW15 4JD

General Information

A one day symposium focusing on the ecology and evolution of urban areas, including ecosystem services, biodiversity monitoring, conservation and restoration.

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Meeting organisers:




Keynote: Mark Fellowes – University of Reading
Katherine Baldock – University of Bristol
Dawn Bazely – York University, Toronto, Canada
Alison Fairbrass – University College London
Alister Hayes – The Royal Parks
Jason Hodgson – University of Cambridge
Daniel Perkins – University of Roehampton
Ash Samuelson – Royal Holloway University of London
Peter Shaw – University of Roehampton
Becky Thomas – Royal Holloway University of London
Bryony Tolhurst – University of Brighton