Bioarchaeology early Career Conference (BECC) 2021 (Virtual Conference)

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25 March, 2021 - 28 March, 2021

General Information

The focus of the BECC is to showcase the work of bioarchaeology early career researchers. There are also keynote speakers, panel sessions and workshops organized for each day, with a focus on issues that early career professionals would benefit from knowing more about (ranging from statistics, genomic/isotopic techniques to cognitive bias!).

The genomics sessions, Friday 26th March 2021, will showcase the great ECR that is currently being conducted across the world. We also have leading experts within the field delivering keynotes, panel sessions and workshops. Professor Albert Zink, keynote, will discuss molecular detection of infectious diseases. Professor Lisa Matisoo-Smith, Professor David Reich, Dr Kenneth Brophy, and Professor Michael McCormick are all participating in our panel session, providing perspectives on identity, ethnicity, migration and aDNA. Professor Daniel Bradley will deliver a workshop on identifying domestication in prehistory. We will also have a poster session running throughout the week.

Attendance to BECC is open to anyone affiliated to a university or related sector who is interested in the field of bioarchaeology. There is no membership requirements, and only a nominal fee to cover administrative costs. More information can be found on

Read the full programme on the conference website.

Meeting organisers:

Principal organiser: Michelle Hay, The University of Glasgow
Co-organiser: Marie Weale, The University of Bradford
Co-organiser: Elizabeth Church, UCL


Professor Albert Zink, Institute for Mummy Studies, EURAC Research. Bolzano, Italy Professor

Panel Session:
Dr Kenneth Brophy, Department of Archaeology, the University of Glasgow, UK
Lisa Matisoo-Smith, Lisa Matisoo Lab, The University of Otago, New Zealand
Professor David Reich, David Reich Lab, Harvard University, USA , University of Glasgow, UK
Professor Michael McCormick, Max Planck-Harvard Research Centre & SoHP, Harvard University, USA

Professor Daniel Bradley, Molecular Population Genetics (MolPopGen) Lab, Smurfit Institute of Genetics, Ireland