28th European Meeting for PhD Students in Evolutionary Biology (EMPSEB28)

28th European Meeting for PhD Students in Evolutionary Biology (EMPSEB28) 29 May, 2023 - 3 June, 2023

FSC Millport Isle of Cumbrae, North Ayrshire, KA28 0EG, Scotland, UK

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General Information

Since 1995, EMPSEB has been an annual conference organized by and intended for doctoral researchers in evolutionary biology all around Europe. It is an opportunity for international students to gather, learn, and network with peers and professionals in our diverse field.

This year, EMPSEB will be a hybrid conference and we are thrilled to invite you for a week of inspirational science and fun either in Scotland or on our online platform!

Meeting organisers:



Anastasia Leligdowicz (Co-chair),

Viktor Kovalov (Co-chair),

Georgia Lambert,

Casey Patmore,

Jana Reiderer,

Rebekah White,

Rosalin Simpson,

Chedhawat Chokechaipaisarn


Renske Onstein – Naturalis Biodiversity Center, the Netherlands

Jordi van Gestel – European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL), Germany

Kirsty MacLeod – Bangor University, UK

Piotr Łukasik – Jagiellonian University, Poland