200 years Gregor Mendel: of peas, cows and people (hybrid event)

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11 March, 2022

BOKU Festsaal, Gregor Mendel Strasse 33, 1180 Wien

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General Information

Half Day Symposium | target audience: SCIENCE to PUBLIC
11. March 2022, 12:30 – 18:00
Venue: BOKU Festsaal, Gregor Mendel Strasse 33, 1180 Wien
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12:30 -13:00 Opening: Jagdhornbläser*innengruppe der BOKU “Gregor Mendel”

13:00 Welcome addresses by vice rector Christian Obinger, Gabor Meszaros and Hermann Buerstmayr

Scientific programme

Plant genetics

13:10 – 13:40  Brigitte Poppenberger (Technical University Munich, Germany) How genetics assists us in plant breeding – examples from sunflower

13:40 – 14:10  Sebastian Michel (BOKU, Vienna, Austria) Linking mendelian and quantitative genetics in plant breeding

Animal genetics

14:10 – 14:40   Tosso Leeb (University Bern, Switzerland) Following the legacy of Gregor Mendel: Studies on the inheritance of coat color in domestic animals

14:40 – 15:20  Coffee break

15:20 – 15:50  Alessandra Stella (National Research Council, Milano, Italy) Interpreting the sequence: challenges and opportunities of big data in genetic analysis

Human genetics

15:50 – 16:20  Johannes Zschocke (Medical University Innsbruck, Austria) Gregor Mendel and the concepts of dominance and recessiveness (online connected from Innsbruck)

Genetics in everyday life

16:20 – 17:00 Günther Mayr (ORF, Redaktion Wissenschaft, Austria) Wissenschaft versus Wut – Sind Gefühle Teil der DNA? | Emotionen aus der Spritze – Verständnis schaffen als Immunisierungskampagne gegen Halbwahrheiten (in German)

17:00 -18:00 Chill out and buffet


12:30- 18:00 AgriGenomics Poster Exhibition

The AgriGenomics PhD students display and are happy to explain posters of their PhD projects in plant breeding, animal breeding, genetics, genomics, metabolomics and phenomics.

Meeting organisers:

Department für Agrarbiotechnologie, IFA-Tulln

This symposium is supported by the project nr. ATCZ278, G. J. Mendel’s legacy to science, culture, and humanity, co-financed by Interreg Austria-Czech Republic. DE: ATCZ278, G. J. Mendels Vermächtnis für Wissenschaft, Kultur und Menschheit CZ: ATCZ278, Odkaz G. J. Mendela vědě, kultuře a lidstvu