Call for Papers

Special issue of Heredity in honour of Mendel’s 200th birthday.

Mendel (born 20 July, 1822) is best known for his three laws of inheritance:

1) Law of independent assortment

2) Law of dominance

3) Law of segregation

However, the field of genetics has been enriched by considering exceptions to these laws.  Examples include: epigenetics and genomic imprinting, epistasis, paramutation, gene conversion, meiotic drive, social effects, symbiosis and the microbiome, quantitative genetics, cultural inheritance.

Heredity is seeking submissions of short essays, reviews, perspectives or research articles that address how Mendel’s ideas have fuelled development of understanding of such “exceptions”.

The Genetics Society is sponsoring the special issue and would welcome representation across their membership.

Please send expressions of interest (by 20 September, 2021) to heredity-journal@ with “Mendel” in the subject line.  Full papers will be due by 20 December, 2021.