2022 February Newsletter

Newsletter issue 86 front page

The February 2022 issue of the Genetics Society Newsletter is now available for download.

“In this issue we are exploring diversity and inclusivity in genetic research. Feature articles cover studies on genetic diversity in underrepresented populations, research that aim to make data and information more accessible to families and communities, and research careers in countries with limited resources. It is a complex and varied topic, and the following articles provide a thoughtful glimpse into many issues and fascinating research topics:

Human variation is an interesting phenomenon observable at many levels of our existence, but perhaps most fascinating at the molecular level. Nothing attests to each human’s uniqueness as well as the DNA. […] Many of the underrepresented populations exhibit the greatest genetic diversity. Their genomes have evolved in response to their unique environment and lifestyle choices, therefore, this inequity means that vast amounts of genetic variants are missed since they are either absent or present in low frequencies in the European population

(Oyewumi Akinpelu, page 32)

[P]recision medicine seems to be closer than ever. However, not all populations will benefit equally. Nor will the architecture of diseases be fully understood without the adequate representation of all human diversity

(Maria Jose Palma Mart nez, page 35)

We continue to explore the career evolution and impact of research experience on the past years Summer Studentship grant winners: students shared their experience and hopes with us in “Genetics Society Summer Studentship – Share your story”, page 42. For more interviews, see issue 85.

The Newsletter is growing! Be prepared for new material, from “picture of research” to book reviews and scientific games! Would you like to be part of this change? For more information see page 58.

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