2021 July Newsletter

The July 2021 issue of the Genetics Society Newsletter is now available for download.

In this issue, “change” is the keyword. 

Through a series of interviews, we explored the changes from their undergraduate role and the career evolution of the past years Summer Studentship grant winners. Where are they now? What impact that research experience had on them? Find out more in “Genetics Society Summer Studentship – Share your story, Part 1”, page 23. 

Big changes happened in the Society too. While we say goodbye to our previous president, Laurence Hurst, and thank him for all his great work and dedication to the society, we have welcomed our new President, Anne Ferguson-Smith. Anne is the Pro- Vice-Chancellor for Research and the Arthur Balfour Professor of Genetics at the University of Cambridge. She is an expert on genomic imprinting and focuses on mammalian developmental geneticist and epigeneticist. Please, go to page 22 to know more about her and what she hopes to achieve over the next 3 years. 

Finally, there are aspects in research and, more generally, in the scientific world that cry for change: with Dr Stuart Ritchie, we explore misconduct and fraud in science and the solutions that “open science” proposes, talking about his latest book “Science fictions: how fraud, bias, negligence and hype undermine the search for truth”. 

I would like to draw your attention to the opportunity of contributing to the special issue of Heredity. In July 2022, this special issue will be celebrating Mendel’s 200th birthday with short essays, reviews and research articles on “exceptions” to Mendel’s laws. We would like to invite you to submit your piece (more information on page 20). 

Looking forward to this special issue, we propose “How genetic linkage was discovered” by Antonio Marco (page 39): focusing on Mendel’s laws of heredity, this is an overview of the discovery of genetic linkage in which William Bateson, the founder of The Genetics Society, was also involved. 


Best wishes,

Margherita Colucci