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Past Grants Funded

Heredity Fieldwork Grant
Four grants funded in 2012

Eight grants funded in 2013

The Genetics Society Training Grant
Seven Genetics Society Training Grants funded in 2012

Thirteen Genetics Society Training Grants funded in 2013

One-off Meeting Sponsorship
Fourteen meetings were sponsored by the Genetics Society in 2013:

  • 24th Mammalian Genetics & Development Workshop
  • Recent advances in epigenomic research in plants and mammals
  • Melanocyte Development Workshop
  • UK Drosophila Cell and Developmental Genetics Workshop
  • London Fly Meeting 2013
  • Genetics Alliances UK Annual Conference 2013
  • Gatsby Plant Science Summer School
  • Introducing Zebrafish
  • Genetic Animal Models of Alzheimer's Disease in Down Syndrome
  • European Meeting of PhD Students in Evolutionary Biology
  • Next Generation Sequencing Users
  • UK Plant Sciences Federation
  • 3rd Scottish Drosophila Research Conference
  • British Science Festival - Are we still evolving?

Conference Grants – Non Genetics Society meeting
In 2012 twenty three students were funded to attend non-Genetics Society meetings

Fifty eight students were funded in 2013

Conference Grants – GS meetings
Twelve student members were sponsored to attend Genetics Society meetings in 2013

Sectional Interest Group
Five Sectional Interest Groups have been funded in 2013:

  • Evolutionary Genetics Symposia
  • Arabidopsis Sectional Interest Group (GARNet)
  • British Yeast Group 2013
  • 12th UK Archaea Conference
  • The Ecological Genetics Group

Genes and Development summer studentships
Thirty nine Summer Studentship placements were funded in 2012

Thirty three Summer Studentship placements were funded in 2013

Communication Workshop – 2013
Twenty five students were given places on the Communication Workshop in 2013 and 2014