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Junior Scientist Conference Grants

The purpose of these grants is to support attendance by junior scientists at conferences on research in Genetics.

The scheme has two main streams: (A) to support attendance at meetings organised directly by the Genetics Society or sponsored by the Society as a Sectional Interest Group; and (B) to support attendance at non-Genetics Society meetings.

Eligibility Criteria:

Scheme (A) is open to undergraduate, Masters and PhD students and to postdoctoral scientists within three years of their PhD viva.  Scheme (B) is open to PhD students and postdoctoral scientists within three years of their PhD viva (but not to undergraduate or Masters students).

Scientists who obtained their PhD more than three years ago are not eligible for these schemes.

(A) Grants to cover travel and accommodation (but not registration) costs to attend Genetics Society or Sectional Interest Group meeting.   

Grants up to £150 are available for travel and essential overnight accommodation to attend any of the Genetics Society's own bi-annual meetings and those of our Sectional Interest Groups.  The cheapest suitable form of travel should be used.

Please click here to view upcoming Genetics Society meetings and here to view upcoming Sectional Interest Group meetings.

How to apply:

For the Genetics Society's own Spring and Autumn meetings, applications should be submitted online before the registration deadline of the meeting. Please click here to apply.

For Sectional Interest Group meetings (e.g., Arabidopsis, Population Genetics Group, Zebrafish Forum, E-ATCG), applications should be submitted online before the final deadline of the meeting.

There is no limit to the frequency that grants can be awarded for attending Genetics Society meetings.

The Supervisor's supporting statement must be uploaded along with the online application before the deadline. Supervisors writing Support letters must be members of the Genetics Society and should include their membership number in the student application.

(B) Travel, accommodation and registration cost at other (non-Genetics Society) meetings. 

Grants of up to £750 (or £1,000 in the case of the Galton Institute co-sponsored awards) are available to attend conferences in the area of Genetics other than Genetics Society or Sectional Interest meetings.

Applications should be submitted in time for one of our bi-monthly deadlines (1st day of February, April, June, August, October and December) and should be made by logging into your membership account via the mySociety website. Note that the conference you are applying for must take place AFTER the application deadline.

Please click here to apply.

Supervisors providing support letters for these grants must be members of the Genetics Society and should include their membership number in the supporting letter. This supporting letter must be uploaded along with the online application before the deadline.

The correct Genetics Society membership number must be provided for the Lab Head supplying the Supporting Letter, and the Lab Head's membership must be current.

Recipients of these grants will be asked to write a short report that may be published in the Genetics Society Newsletter.  

A maximum of one grant per two years will be awarded.

Up to three Conference grants per year will be co-sponsored by the Galton Institute and will provide up to £1,000.  Applicants for a Galton co-sponsored award should request between £750 and £1,00 in support and explain why their work is relevant to human genetics.  If unsuccessful for the Galton co-sponsored award, applications will be automatically considered for a standard stream B grant for which a maximum of £750 can be awarded.